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Prejmer Citadel

The Prejmer Fortified Church dates back to the 13th century and was originally built on the basis of a pre-existing Roman basilica from the 12th century. The church is the most preserved and powerful church – medieval citadel in Eastern Europe. The Prejmer Fortified Church is about 10 minutes by car from Casa Husarului.

You can read more about the citadel here – Prejmer Citadel

Surroundings Bicfalau Prejmer Citadel
Surroundings Bicfalau Brasov Harman Citadel

Hărman Citadel

Evangelical fortified church Hărman dates back to 1240 and was originally conceived as a basilica building with three levels, and the fortress around the church was built over centuries.
Hărman’s fortified evangelical church is about 15 minutes by car from Casa Husarului.

You can read more about the citadel here- Hărman Citadel

Poiana Brașov

At just 30 minutes by car from Casa Husarului is Poiana Braşov, the largest mountain tourist resort in Romania. Poiana Brasov is suitable for outdoor activities in any season. In the winter you can enjoy the 25km of skiing area and in summer it is the ideal place for hiking through cool forests, cycling or ATV.

You can read more about the resort here – Poiana Brașov

Surroundings Bicfalau Poiana Brasov
Surroundings Bicfalau Brasov

Brașov City

The nearest big city is Brașov, just 15 minutes away from Casa Husarului. Brașov is a tourist attraction of world interest being a medieval town full of history. Situated at the foot of Tâmpa, Brașov, it is a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts, here you can visit historical monuments which are hundreds of years old. The historical centre is full of outdoor terraces and restaurants with local and international specialities. In Brașov even the most demanding tourists will find something interesting to satisfy their appetite.

You can read more about the city here – Brașov City

Mărcuș Monastery

The monastery that existed today in Mărcuș was built on the site of an ancient Orthodox temple, which was destroyed in 1700 by the Habsburg empire. Filled with a tumultuous history, Mărcuş Monastery is just 5 minutes  away from Casa Husarului.

You can read more about the monastery here – Mărcuș Monastery

Surroundings Bicfalau Marcus Monastery

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